Wine Locker F.A.Q.’s

1.  How Do I Access My Wine Storage Locker?

You have access to your wine locker 6 days a week with the exceptions of a few national holidays. (see calendar for details)

Our hours are 8AM to 6PM Monday through Friday and 10AM to 5PM on Saturday. We will also be happy to open the gate to allow you to drive your car closer to the Locker in the event that you have a large quantity of wine to handle.

You do not need an appointment or to notify us in advance of your intention to visit your locker. Please remember to sign in when accessing your locker (there is a sign-in sheet by the storage facility). Part of the reason why we need to keep records of who comes and goes is so that we can track the customer who has left his wine behind on the ground. (This has happened several times!)

2.  What is the temperature in my wine locker? Is there a temperature device?

55-57 degrees with 60-70% humidity. It typically remains at 56 degrees with a one-degree differential on the thermostat. We have two air conditioning units in the lockers for which we have a maintenance contract.

3.  What happens if the power goes out?

The wine storage locker rooms are very isolated. We have only experienced long term power shortage a few times. The longest has been 2 hours and we checked the temperature throughout the shortage to ensure that the lockers would remain between 55-57 degrees, which it did.

4.  Is the cost of insurance covered in my monthly payment?

We provide the space for you to store your wine in optimal temperature-control conditions. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that the wine is covered by your homeowner’s insurance. We recommend that you call your insurance agent. Our contract is a lease, comparable to renting a housing space, your landlord is not responsible for your furniture.

5.  Do you provide handling services for your locker customer?

Originally we were not going to offer handling services because we are only renting the space, and also for responsibility issues. However, because we value our customers and are eager to accommodate them as much as possible, we now offer a few services for you. We will arrange pick up or deliveries of wine for a rate per case (see rates page for details). Keep in mind, however, that when we do perform these services, the insurance on the wine is not covered by us. Please contact your homeowner’s insurance carrier for information.